Each year we grow more than 300 different varieties of alpine and rockery plants. The range varies as new varieties are introduced and others become less popular. Some are available throughout the main growing season; others for a shorter period focussing on the time they are at their peak. We are also able to work with you to supply greater numbers of certain plants for promotional displays.

Individual varieties are shown on the Plant List. In particular, our range includes:

  • Aubrieta, various cultivars in shades of purple, red, pink and white and variegated forms

  • hardy Cyclamen hederifolium (autumn flowering) and coum (winter flowering)

  • Dianthus, a wide variety of dwarf hybrids and cultivars, double and single flowers in many different shades of pink and white

  • Gentians (spring and autumn flowering)

  • Geraniums, hardy dwarf species as well as various cultivars

  • Helianthemums, including some varieties raised at Carrapitt

  • Phlox, various cultivars

  • Rhodohypoxis

  • Saxifragas, mossy and kabschia types

  • several different hardy flowering succulents including, Delosperma, Drosanthemum and Lampranthus

The vast majority of our plants are propagated on our nursery. They are grown in our own compost mix which incorporates loam and slow release fertiliser keeping the plant healthy on your bench for longer.

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