Carrapitt Plants offers a merchandising service to ensure your alpine sales area always looks good.

We will visit your centre with a regular, scheduled delivery to top up and tidy your sales benches.

  • Old and tired-looking plants are removed and replaced with fresh ones free of charge.

  • If you have any special requests or customer orders, let us know and if we’ve got them, we’ll bring them along.

  • Bed labels and other promotional material are supplied and displayed by us.

The only plants you pay for are those you have sold. There is no wastage.

  • Time is saved by your garden centre staff – all we need is the delivery note signed to confirm numbers of plants delivered and returned; no need for you to be around to unload trolleys.

  • You still have control of what goes out. Whilst we undertake to top up and tidy your bench, you can be involved as much or as little as you want

  • No missed orders when staff are away sick or on holiday.

  • Extra deliveries earlier and later in the year to maximise out of season sales with no risk to you.

  • Your bench always looks good with no build-up of gone-over, tired or dead plants

We see ourselves as a ‘large small business’ - large enough to be able to meet demand whilst    retaining personal contact and service. If you phone or email, you’ll get an answer from Richard or Sue and your plants will be delivered by Jonathan, our dedicated driver.

Carrapitt Plants’ Merchandising Package is designed to keep your alpine sales area looking fresh throughout the year

danish trolley.JPG

We don't issue an availability list as we find it becomes outdated very quickly and any plants that we have in smaller numbers wouldn't be included. If there are any varieties that you are interested in, let us know and if we have them, we'll put them on